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Applications will open on 14 February 2023.

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For important information about application requirements and our eligibility criteria, please read the Applications Guidelines.
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We welcome applications from young musicians across the UK from low-income backgrounds.


Successful applicants will be invited to audition in September.


For details of our support and the opportunities we offer on our Programmes, see below.

Applications will open on 14 February 2023.

Applications Closed

Our Programmes

Future Talent operates two programmes supporting gifted young musicians from low-income backgrounds across the UK, providing unique opportunities to build confidence, develop personal skills, and enhance their musical experience.
Our programmes provide a range of development opportunities led by  expert musicians and educators, including world class masterclasses, workshops, mentoring sessions and performance opportunities.
Alongside these opportunities, we also provide our young musicians with financial support, contributing towards musical costs including:

·     Tuition fees
·     Ensemble & course fees
·     Exam and audition fees
·     Instrument costs including purchase, hire, insurance, parts and repair
·     Music technology and other equipment
·     Sheet music
Award amounts and durations vary. See below for the different types of Award.
Applications Closed
For any enquiries, please email

Development Programme Awards

Bramall Scholarship

Age under 17 | £2,000 per year | Until 18
Recipients of the Liz and Terry Bramall Scholarship must be under 18 years old on 1 September of the year of application and must permanently reside in Yorkshire or the North West of England.

Robinson Award

Age under 17 | £1,000 | 1 year
Recipients must be under 17 years old on 1 September of the year of application. Musicians can receive this award more than once.

Worsley Award

Age under 16 | £1,000 per year | 3 years
Recipients must be under 16 years old on 1 September of the year of application.

Junior Programme Awards

Junior Award

Age under 13 | 1-3 years | £500 per year
Junior Programme supports musicians at an earlier stage oftheir musical development, forming a pathway for eventual support on theDevelopment Programme following annual assessment.

Angela Rawson Scholarship

Age under 13 | 1-3 years | £500 per year
Each year, the Angela Rawson Scholarship supports 8 young musicians on the Junior Programme.

Other Awards

Coombs Scholarship

£4,000 | 2 years | £2,000 per year
Established in 2007 in memory of the charity's first administrator, Lucy Coombs, testament to her dedication to her work. 

Every two years, the Scholarship supports one exceptional musician launching their career or further education in music.

Applications for the 2021/22 Coombs Scholarship will open in the Summer. Applicants to our Development Programme may be considered.

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